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Pillows Tailored for Your Comfort

Sometimes we forget that the right pillow is a key piece of the comfortable sleep formula. While our mattress supports your body from the shoulders down, proper head and neck positioning is maintained by a quality pillow.

All of our pillows are:

  • Natural – made from certified chemically safe materials
  • Breathable – providing a dry, healthy sleeping climate
  • Comfortable – designed for proper support

We offer a range of pillows using several different types of materials so you can find that perfect fit for every situation.

A Wedge for Healthy Elevation

Made with the same stretchy, Organic Knit Cotton and 100% Natural Latex used in our mattresses.

  • Adjustable from 3″ to 4″ of elevation (10-12°)
  • Breathable, all natural materials for superior thermal regulation
  • Maintains ergonomically correct support from mattress
  • Available in Half King or Half Queen sizes

Our Adjustable Wedge provides the gentle elevation that can assist with a number of different health issues while sleeping; from acid reflux, sinus congestion, or even snoring.


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